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Vishal Security Force VSF has its own Training Centre in Sinnar, Nasik District where we have all the facilities for providing training to Guarding.
With both Classroom and Practical sessions, We try to make our staff fully compatible to Industry Standards.
VSF Group has got Specialized Trainers to train various aspects of the work.

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Our 3 Tier Staff Training Program :
a. Basic Guarding Training
b. Industry Specific Training.
c. Site Specific Training.
is geared to provide the Best, Reliable and Hassle Free service to our clients.

On-the-Job Training(OJT): Regular on-site & off-site training to update security skills; impart site-specific changes in security procedures; improve skill levels; refresh security skills; etc. VSF Group has Specialized Trainers to train our staff of various aspects of the work

Our Training has specialized syllabus on Fire Fighting. It includes:
a. Cause of Fire
b. Type of Fire
c. How to control fire using extinguishers
d. Types of Extinguishers
e. Stress Management
f. Whom to contact for what in case of emergency situations
g. Systematic Evacuation Process.
h. First Aid

All our Security, Housekeeping and VSF Staff has to go through it.
We also conduct Leadership, Initiative & Motivational programs for our trainees.

Training has specialized syllabus on Fire FightingTraining has specialized syllabus on Fire Fighting
Training Syllabus as per PSARA, 2005
Basic Course :
a. Opening Test
b. Documentation
c. Introduction to the company
d. Uniform & Equipment
e. Foot Drill
f. Physical Fitness
g. Fire Prevention & Control
h. Dealing with People including conduct in Public
i. Gate House Duties
j. Guard Alertness
k. Premises Patrolling
l. Telephone & Communication Procedure
m. Note Book Entries
n. Initiating reports and lodging FIR
o. Personal Hygiene, Health & Safety
p. Electronic Security - HHMD'S, DFMD, Electronic Access Controls
q. Evacuation Drill
r. Recognition of badges
s. Identification of weapons in use by Police & Public
t. Crowd Control
u. Final Tests

Fire Fighting Training Picture (actual)